One day, no different than any other, I took the 8 AM train to college. I was sitting on my seat listening to some music from the headsets. I really loved my music but on that occasion I had stuffed the headphones into my ears to kill the silence that existed though I had two […]

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This week its not a story, This week I did not try to arrange words at random to make sentences, Instead this week I tried my best to make them rhyme! Yes This week it’s a Poem!

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   I was walking home after a busy day, I could recollect me feeling the pleasant weather sipping on coffee in my balcony and saying,” Wow! What a pleasant day.” The mornings never give the real idea of how the day ahead is going to be.

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A Surprise Gift – II

Soon everything was packed! Everyone was dressed and ready. Mom had a basket in her hand full of sandwiches, chocolates, fruits, wafers and many more of Bunty’s favourite delicacies. Dad took his goggles, wrist watch and most important wallet! Bunty packed some chocolates into his teddy bag he was proudly wearing on his shoulder, he was hopping, jumping, waiting for them to leave. But in all this excitement all of them had no idea what was happening, the sound of car horns was slowly fading in the background and the roaring was coming back.

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A Surpirise Gift – I

Bunty, a bubbly, cute little boy looked up at his mom with a sparkle in his eye when his mom said they are going to the Amusement Park tomorrow!! His soft rosy lips twitched and soon there was a beautiful smile on his face. He was soon on cloud nine, he was already in the virtual Park in his mind running towards the gates of the park when suddenly as if the gate was forcefully closed, his mom’s words snapped his thoughts she continued, “We go provided there is no rain tomorrow!”

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Knock Knock!

Knock Knock! He heard a vigorous knocking at the door……
“I must be dreaming, let’s try and catch some shuteye”, he said to himself. That’s when he heard a loud thumping at the door. It felt like someone was trying to break in, someone huge, someone monstrous, and someone with a lot of vengeance. He got up from his bed startled and sat curled up with his back against the head rest. His body was shivering, the hair on his body was standing at their ends. He swiftly pulled up the bed sheet to cover his body as he felt a sudden chill around the room and up his spine. The thumping increased, louder by the second and just as he though the door would be breached ….

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Magic Boxes

Just like the magician setting up a stage for a performance. Making arrangements under the stage for making the trick a success, placing all the components of the contraption properly. The audience walks in, the magician binds them in his spell, he disappears from one case and appears in the other! Wow! Magic! People applaud, clap and say the trick worked! But in spite of all the gargantuan efforts made by them it is not the case with the Royal Family looking for the magic ….

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Right or Wrong!

Soon I was walking with my friend along the beach when I saw a small boy steal a small portion of bread from a bakery store. He looked like he had been starving for days, he was very frail and I could feel the hunger in his eyes that made him steal the bread. But isn’t it wrong to steal or does it become right in this case?

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